Pure Indulgence Day Spa, 244 North Main Street, Concord, NH 03301


Massage and Body Treatments
There's no denying the power of bodywork. It improves circulation, posture, relaxation, increased range of motion, and is often a relief from
pain. Whether you're suffering from headaches, neck and back pain, sports injuries, daily fatigue, stress from pregnancy and stress related
tension, each customized massage is designed for your own body type. For your convenience, most of our massages are available in
multiple time frames. Massages are available for our pregnant clients also.

Pure Indulgence Signature Massage - 30 min. $35. / 60 min. $65. / 90 min. $90
Our signature massage uses a combination of medium pressure Swedish massage techniques based on your individual need.

Hot Stone Massage - 60 min. $80.  / 90 min. $100.
Bring balance to your mind, body and spirit. Warm, smooth, basalt stones are placed on specific energy points to help the body relax and
reduce stress. Warm stones of varying shapes will also be used throughout the massage by your therapist.

Hot Stone and Arnica Muscle Melt and Stretch  - 60 min. $90 / 90 min. $110.
During this thoroughly relaxing treatment deep passive stretching of the joints will be applied. With each stretch, a combination of
therapeutic massage with hot Baltic stones and warm arnica oil will be applied to surrounding muscle groups to increase flexibility while
reducing stiff and sore muscles of the back, hamstrings or sciatica soreness.

Deep Tissue Massage - 30 min. $40. / 60 min. $70.  / 90 min. $100.
Deeper and stronger massage strokes reach and identify underlying trigger points and adhesions. Deep tissue massage works to relieve
those adhesions that can lead to muscle pain and limited mobility.

Couples Massage - 60 min. $130.
Enjoy a side-by-side massage. This makes a great date and a wonderful memory not only for couples, but for mothers and daughters,
friends and sisters.

Prenatal Massage - 60 min. $65. / 90 min. $90.
Well deserved for mother and perfectly safe for baby. A special pillow designed to release added pressure caused by pregnancy is used.

Signature Body Treatment - 60 min. $65.
This herbal body brushing treatment gently exfoliates dead skin cells, while bringing blood and oxygen to the skin's surface. After your
skin has been stimulated, we will integrate essential oils into a hydrating combination of massage oils.  Long gliding strokes and massage
pressure of your choice will be preformed for optimum hydration and relaxation.

Aromatherapy Steam Massage - 60 min. $75
Give your sinuses a break from the dry winter air with our unique hot steam massage. You will receive a full body massage complimented
with aromatherapy steam to help hydrate and alleviate sinus pressure. An added lymphatic face massage will help clear nasal passages.

Beyond Raindrop - 90 min. $130.
This full body massage is a blend of aromatic steam towels, hot stone therapy, deep therapeutic massage, and the application of
specifically selected oils. This beautifully executed massage culminates in a total body hot stone experience. This treatment will leave you
with the lasting feeling of serenity and a heightened sense of well being.

Spiced Chai Indulgence - 90 min. $95.
Using a select blend of coconut oil, nutmeg, and chai spices, this creamy combination is indulgently applied to the skin to invigorate and
remove dry skin. This delicious scrub will buff away bumps and flakes for a radiant glow.  After an unrushed scalp massage, you will rinse
off in our shower while your therapist prepares your bed for a one hour massage using warm vanilla bean lotion to hydrate your glowing
skin. Massage pressure of your choice will be applied. This potent, anti-aging, antioxidant treatment is a delicious way to nourish and
pamper your skin.

Lemongrass and Green Tea Massaging Body Polish - 90 min. $95.
This deeply exfoliating, bold and zesty combination of Lemongrass and green tea awakens the senses to aid in mental clarity, focus and
motivation. After this lemony fresh, detoxifying scrub is applied, you will rinse off in our shower while your therapist prepares not only your
bed, but a combination of shea, cocoa and virgin coconut oils for your one hour relaxing massage.

Tuscan Wine Body Polish and Masque - 90 min. $95 / 90 min. Couples - $190.   
Get ready to unwind and relax with this vinotherapy in its most potent form. This luxurious spa treatment boasts an arsenal of powerful
age-fighting ingredients for healing and hydrating your skin.  Mediterranean olive oil, crushed grape seeds, blackberry fibers and
luscious red wine mingle to gently polish your skin to a rosy glow.  Your Mediterranean masque will be applied in long gliding strokes to
your back and extremities.  As your body absorbs this divine combination of ingredients, your therapist will indulgence you in an
unrushed scalp massage.  Your masque will be removed with warm aromatic steam towels followed by a warm blend of Mediterranean
olive oil and red grape seed extract to lock in moisture during your one hour massage.

Add on Treatments:

Foot Massage - $10 (10 min.)
Reflexology - $10 (10 min.)
Foot Exfoliation - $10
Scalp Massage - $10