Pure Indulgence Day Spa, 244 North Main Street, Concord, NH 03301


Hands & Feet
Indulge yourself or a friend with one of our signature nail treatments. Our professional staff will incorporate pure essential oils, herbal
steam towels, and a relaxing massage to create the perfect look with the latest seasonal OPI, CND and Essie colors as you enjoy your
unique and truly relaxing nail treatment.
Pure Indulgence Classic Pedicure - $42.00
This traditional pedicure includes a warm mineral foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, and your choice of polish. A sugar scrub is used to
buff rough skin, we then file and smooth calloused feet with a Footlogix rasp. Enjoy a hydrating almond masque treatment to ease dry skin,
hot steam towels, and a lower leg and foot massage put this pedicure over the top

Soothing Milk and Almond Pedicure - $52.00
This is the ultimate moisturizing treatment. Sit back and enjoy a warm milk soak, infused with essential oils. The lactic acid is both soothing
and a natural exfoliant to soften  feet. An abrasive almond scrub is used to aid in callus removal with an almond masque. A rich almond
lotion is then massaged to your feet and lower legs for soft, silky results, that smells as good as it feels!

Lemongrass and Green Tea Pedicure - $50.00
Refresh and revive your summer feet with this bold, yet healing, combination of antioxidant herbs that will aid in mental clarity and
motivation while soothing the senses.  This effervescent pedicure exfoliates dead surface cells while healing and nurturing newly exposed
skin. This zesty herbal scrub will be removed with hot steam towels and then followed by a lower leg and foot foot massage with a rich
lemongrass lotion.

Marine Spa Pedicure - $57.00
Indulge yourself with this 6-step pedicure. We start by soaking your feet in an aroma therapeutic bath, then exfoliating your feet and legs
with natural beach sand, quartz crystals, and a marine alpha-hydroxy acid complex to provide an unparalleled treatment for rough, dry skin
on the soles of your feet. We remove calluses then massage on a rejuvenating foot masque with hydrating sea extracts before finishing
with a cucumber heel therapy lotion to repair dry, cracked skin.

Lavender Paraffin Pedicure - $57.00
This wonderfully scented Pedicure begins with a warm soak, followed by nail shaping, cuticle care and callus removal. Your feet are then
placed in warm lavender scented paraffin. The paraffin nourishes your skin and cuticles while penetrating heat increases circulation, eases
aching joints, relaxes muscles, and leaves the skin soft and radiant. We finish with a relaxing foot and leg massage, using a thick
moisturizing lotion, along with a nail color application of your choice.

Gentleman's Pedicure - $42.00
This treatment revives those tired and achy feet. We begin with a warm foot soak, nail and cuticle care, then removal of dry and callused
skin. This treatment concludes with a relaxing foot and leg massage.

Margarita Pedicure - $52.00
It's a margarita for your feet! Sit back and relax as we soak your feet in a citrus bath full of lemons and limes, followed by an exfoliating
sugar/salt scrub infused with citrus essential oils. After prepping your toes and filing your calluses, a hydrating citrus masque is applied,
then followed with a relaxing foot and leg massage. A polish of your choice completes this service.

NEW Gardenia Woods Pedicure - $52.00
Take a walk in the woods with this treat to your feet! This pedicure includes a creamy scrub, hydrating masque, and a light lotion each
scented with a botanical blend of chamomile and sandalwood to help soften and smooth skin. After a foot soak and scrub, nails will be
trimmed and filed, cuticles cared for and heels buffed. The hydrating masque will be massaged in and removed with a hot steam towel.
Enjoy a relaxing foot and calf massage and then admire your freshed primped and polished nails!

Ionic Detox Footbath - $30.00
With over 2,000 pores in each foot, this comfortable treatment helps rid the body of toxins and acid wastes. Can relieve
headaches/migraines, allergies, arthritis, skin problems and much more. You may experience more energy, immediate pain relief and a
greater sense of well-being.

Pedicure Extras -

Polish change only - $15.00
Polish change with nail trim - $25.00
French - $2.00
Pure Indulgence Classic Manicure - $21.00
Our classic manicure consists of nail filing and shaping, cuticles are cleaned and trimmed. A relaxing hand and arm massage is performed
and a nail color application of your choice will be applied to conclude this treatment.

Citrus Spa Manicure - $27.00
Indulge yourself with this 4-step manicure. Your nails are filed and shaped, soaked in a citric-scented cleanser, hands and arms are
exfoliated with a rich blend of crystalline citric acid and vitamin E, and then removed with a steam towel. A relaxing hand and arm massage
hydrates and restores elasticity to the skin and we finish by applying a nail color of your choice.

Lavender Paraffin Manicure - $27.00
This wonderfully scented manicure begins with a warm soak, followed by nail filing and cuticle care. Your hands are lathered in a rich lotion
and then dipped into the lavender scented paraffin. The paraffin nourishes your skin and cuticles while penetrating heat increases
circulation, eases aching joints, relaxes muscles, and leaves the skin radiant. We finish with a relaxing hand and arm massage along with a
nail color application of your choice.

Age-Defying Collagen Manicure - $27.00
Begin this intensive collagen treatment with a warm nail soak to soften the cuticles, followed by nail filing and cuticle care. We massage
your hand with a collagen ampoule and finally wrap your hands and place them in warm mitts. The heat helps the anti-aging properties of
the collagen absorb into the skin, working wonders for your hands.

Gentleman's Classic Manicure - $21.00
Successful men understand that good grooming doesn't stop at the bathroom sink. Well-cared for hands with clean cuticles and buffed
nails are a sign that you pay attention to the details. Let us take care of the details by trimming and filing your nails, providing cuticle care
and finishing with an invigorating hand massage. Your choice of clear polish or buffing will be complete this treatment.

Shellac Manicure-$35.00 (+ $2.00 for French)
Goes on like polish wears like a gel. It will stay on for up to two weeks, still looking fresh, shiny and chip free! Its great for any occasion!

Manicure extras

Polish Change -
French Polish - Add to any manicure - $2.00